American Democracy


So, on one battle front you have “the 1%” fighting with enormous resources to push the tax burden down to you. On your other battle front are millions of voters (many of whom pay no income tax) seeking “economic justice”.

The image above might be how “the 1%” view American voters with  no wealth (mobs of violent masses seeking free handouts); while the image in my prior post may be how many view “the 1%” (as a greedy, powerful, secretive, elite, evil club). Both images are caricatures but illustrate a profound difference in worldviews, which is the source of significant political and economic turmoil.

For some, the bad guys are the greedy “1%”, hording wealth. For others, the bad guys are liberal politicians elected by the masses to confiscate private property and redistribute wealth. Either view reflects social conflict. Politics aside, today’s addition to your War Chest is recognition of the ideological underpinnings of this political and economic struggle. Those three warring wealth cohorts continue to battle over tax and public policy. You should be aware of these social forces and arrange your affairs accordingly.  Fortunately, there are some things you can do.


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