The American Dream War – Part 1


The “American Dream” is a popular belief that opportunity for prosperity, success and upward social mobility for family and children are achieved through hard work in a society with few barriers.   The American dream is about freedom to pursue one’s interests and passions in life, economic security and well-being along with hope and optimism of seeing progress in life and in the lives of your children.

Unfortunately, the ideal of the American Dream is under siege and families must fight very hard now to secure success.  A vast majority of Americans sense that attaining the American Dream is becoming much more difficult.  Recent books documenting the trend include American Dream Dying (McClelland and Tobin, 2010), Who Stole the American Dream (Smith, 2012), The Betrayal of the American Dream (Barlett and Steele, 2012), Hard Times:  The Divisive Toll of the Economic Slum (Clark, 2014) and Chasing the American Dream (Rank, 2014).

Our nation is experiencing enormous economic retrenchment.  Americans are at significantly greater financial risk today.  There has been a massive transfer of financial risk from corporations and government onto families and individuals.  Pack your War Chest with an awareness of this undisputed fact.  In Part 2 we’ll look at what you can do to secure your family.  It’s a brutal war:  but if you are smart, informed and work hard you can still live the American Dream.


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