Discipline and Focus

Swim A consequence of today’s vicious economy is that it requires significantly more discipline and focus to achieve success.  Any challenging pursuit calls for planning and hard work.  Whether it’s athletic training for sports competition, military preparedness for war or planning your family’s future, you can’t mess around and expect victory. Life’s not fair.  Some people start with tremendous advantages.  Wealthy families are not going to give up those advantages.  Remember, property ownership is coercive and competitive.  It’s not nice.  The louder politician’s decry income inequality, the more entrenched those with wealth become.  Securing a solid financial future is a much more challenging endeavor than it was decades ago. Like recreational sports, you can play the game but there’s no way you can compete with the high level athletes without devoting the planning, focus, discipline and intense training it takes to win.  Military precision is required in battle to avoid defeat.  Careful, deliberate preparation is needed to protect wealth. Take stock of your current income and assets and think about the future.  The days of just showing up for work and expecting to live the American Dream are over.  When it comes to estate and financial planning – don’t mess around.  Utilize professional advisors – hired guns on the economic battlefield of life that can help you plan and prepare.  Your Estate Planning War Chest needs a generous allotment of personal discipline and focus.


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