Life Control

Airplane Adults are in control of their own life decisions.  We enjoy the freedom to soar to our American Dream but it’s not easy.  True life control requires sufficient income and assets.  The millions of Americans who have little or no wealth have much less control over their lives and limited options.  Medicaid recipients who have spent down their assets have nowhere near the life choices that private pay nursing home residents have available. We are pilots of our own health, wealth, recreation, career and other decision making.  But life has become harder and more complicated.  The cockpit has more controls than ever requiring attention and there are many more obstacles to success. The ongoing economic war means enemy forces are trying to shoot you down.  Building and maintaining a secure future are long-term, challenging endeavors.  Preserving solid life control requires effort and planning. It’s not automatic. Successful individuals work hard to acquire the human and financial capital needed to support themselves comfortably and then they are careful to protect what they’ve built with proper insurance, investment management and estate planning.  Our War Chest of conscientiousness includes wealth and knowledge so that true life control is preserved and extended even beyond death.


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