The Art of War


Wealth management and estate planning are serious, even militant pursuits.  Your enemies are other actors in the economy including our government.  There is an ancient Chinese book called “The Art of War”.  The author Sun Tzu believed that war is a necessary evil that should be fought quickly and effectively.  The book analyzes all aspects of military warfare. Concepts in The Art of War have been applied to fields outside the military, particularly in highly competitive endeavors.

The 1st chapter of the book is on assessment and planning.  Positioning armies in military strategy is critical.  Positioning assets in the economic war is just as important.  Saving as much money as you can is wise but it is not prudent to hold it all in cash.  Deploy some of your cash in investments, insurance and professional advice so that your reserves are protected from enemy forces – taxes, inflation, financial market loss and unexpected legal and medical expenses.

Other chapters in Sun Tzu’s book discuss waging war and the importance of avoiding direct conflict unless there can be a decisive engagement.  Strategy, defending existing positions, creativity and flexibility are all important considerations.  Financial strength, like military strength is not just the size of your forces but how strategically those forces are utilized.   Prepare for economic war by stocking your Estate Planning War Chest with the knowledge and discipline to outsmart your opponents.


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