Hurray for the Mass Affluent – It’s You!


The financial services industry has a marketing segment known as the Mass Affluent.  It’s defined as households with $100,000 to $1 million in financial assets. $100k in an IRA makes you rich?  I guess so…..that’s the industry’s definition, although most mass “affluent” people don’t feel very wealthy.  About 30% of American households are considered part of the Mass Affluent.  Most of my estate planning clients are in this group…. and I am proud of them!

If you’re reading this, you are probably in the Mass Affluent – or will be in the future, because you care about preparedness.  Obviously a college graduate starting a career won’t have $100,000 in a 401(k); but give him a couple decades of work and saving.  Remember, wealth is a function of time.  The Mass Affluent save for the future and worry about funding our children’s college education and retirement.  We are responsible, conscientious and careful about important life decisions.

The top 1% have their armies of wealth advisors, lobbyists and lawyers.  The bottom 70% don’t think they need an estate plan and just don’t or cannot save money for emergencies or retirement.  Millions of them are dependent on government assistance over multiple generations.  The 30% Mass Affluent are the flag bearers of handling money prudently and they admirably assume the responsibilities of adult life and self-support.  They build a lifetime War Chest because economics in America today is not easy, it’s warfare.  Defend your family with the knowledge that you are prepared financially and legally strong with a solid plan for the future.


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