The Road Less Traveled

Road Through Forest

A majority of Americans have no estate plan.  A minority follow the road not taken by this majority and have professionally prepared legal documents that protect their family.

The phrase “road less traveled” is from a Robert Frost poem and a 1978 self-help book by Dr. M. Scott Peck.  The book contains some good, no nonsense, Ben Franklin type of advice on how to live life.  It begins with the proposition that “life is difficult”.  Once you admit that and accept responsibility, you can make better choices.

Dr. Peck puts self-discipline at the top of the list of values for living a good life.  He suggests there are four techniques to self-discipline 1) delaying gratification; 2) acceptance of responsibility; 3) dedication to truth, and 4) balancing.  The ability to delay gratification is the key to maturity, whereas impulsiveness is the easy way to make decisions – the road most traveled.

My clients face the responsibility of dealing with an economy that is extraordinarily competitive and unforgiving:  an all-out war for scarce resources that must be recognized and fought with the financial and legal advice necessary to protect your interests.  In the words of Dr. Phil – “Life is a competition.  They are keeping score and there is a time clock”.  Put that in your Estate Planning War Chest.


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