Specialization – It’s Obvious


There’s a radio commercial for a hospital that begins with a woman stating “the brain is the most complicated organ in the body, so for a brain disorder you want a specialist who treats it all the time.”  Well, duh?

The growing complexity of our world makes it more and more obvious that specialists are better able to handle almost any type of issue.  Medicine, law and other professions are increasingly focused on specialties and even sub-specialties.  The legal profession historically was occupied by “general practitioners”, who would represent clients on any legal matter.  There are still lawyers who will take any type of case to make a buck and many still believe specialization doesn’t matter.

I find it humorous when a lawyer’s advertising says “specializing in bankruptcy, divorce, real estate, criminal, business law, estate planning, probate, civil litigation, etc….”  That’s the opposite of specializing.  If you needed heart surgery you wouldn’t go to general physician.  Estate planning documents control your medical care and life savings.  If you need estate planning advice, you want an attorney that does it all the time.  Isn’t that an obvious addition to your Estate Planning War Chest?


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