Dystopia is the opposite of utopia.  It’s an imagined future worst case scenario of current trends and issues.  You can’t help but notice the sudden increase in books and movies like Hunger Games, Divergent, Elysium, etc. describing future horrible societies.  The writers of these fictional stories seek to generate societal fear and reflection, maybe even change to our economic system.

To some, current and increasing wealth stratification in America is a cause of concern, fear and despair.  Don’t believe it.  It’s ideological propaganda.  The Left points to dystopia film and literature and says “see, that’s what happens when wealth is concentrated in the hands of too few”.  The Right says “see, that’s what happens when the State has too much power”.   The wealth wars discussed in this Blog are nothing new.  Here’s a graph of “dystopian books” from 1920 to present:


Capitalism has proven itself to be the most successful economic system the planet has ever known.  It’s been attacked historically but all other alternatives were dismissal failures, leading to human misery, death and collapsed nations.  Communism and socialism don’t work.  The “dystopian design” in books and movies is intended to generate reflection and debate.


Your Estate Planning War Chest should contain awareness that the world is working just fine, despite opinions to the contrary.  Capitalism is alive and well.  The “1%” will continue protecting what’s theirs; you simply need to protect what’s yours with good financial and estate planning.


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