Master Morality


Friedich Nietzsche had some interesting ideas about how society really works.  His book, On the Genealogy of Morals (1887), suggests that you’re always going to have a group of people who are smarter, luckier and more talented than average.  There will also be a much larger group who are less intelligent and not as fortunate or talented.  The strong minority will naturally accrue all the power and wealth because they’re just more capable.  Strong individuals adopt moral beliefs that justifies their position.  Nietzsche called this Master Morality.

The weak minority will base their morality on resentment and jealousy towards the strong.  Nietzsche called this Slave Morality, a system of moral beliefs based on resentment of the strong.  Slave Morality is a psychology of blame.  It blames the failures and hardships of the “have-nots” on the successful.  If you are reading this, you’re successful because you actually have an estate to plan, which is the subject of this blog.  Three quarters of American households have very little or no wealth at all.

Don’t be threatened by Slave Morality  It’s wrong and weak-minded.  And don’t feel guilty about what you’ve achieved.  There is so much victimization driven politics in America that it makes successful people, like my clients, uneasy and a bit nervous about the economy.  Be proud of what you’ve earned and built.  Nietzsche was a pretty hardcore dude with his anti-Christian  “will to power” and “might makes right” ideas, but I think he was accurate about societal resentment of the strong.  Stay strong! and line your Estate Planning War Chest with Master Morality.


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  1. Tom Manno

    Great post mike, I read about Nietzsche in philosophy class in college but forgot it all. He nailed this belief though and apparently nothing has changed.


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