The Chain


Families are linked over time by a generational Chain.  You are but one link in a long chain stretching back in time to your ancestors and forward in time to your descendants.  Edmund Burke viewed society as an eternal order of concrete inheritance from past generations of the deceased to future generations of the living and to be born.

Burke believed that we owe future generations the accumulated wisdom and work of the past.  Our task is to preserve and improve what the past generation has given us.  The present generation has a profound obligation to both the past and future.  This obligation provides important benefits to the present generation:  wealth, lessons and achievements of the past.

Inheritance is not just descent of property and title, but also a descent of rights and obligations.  The capital which the present inherits is wealth along with the accumulated wisdom, morality and practices of our forefathers.    We have testamentary freedom in America, which is a critical liberty in preserving your family’s lifestyle, worldview and security.  This freedom belongs to everyone, including the Elite Wealthy.  They are perfectly within their rights to protect vast accumulated fortunes as are you to protect your modest one.  You have more in common with the Elite Wealthy then you do with the Mass Poor in that sense.

The poor and uninformed are fleeting.  In the words of Edmund Burke they “are but annual plants that perish with our season, and leave no sort of traces behind us.  You, if you are what you ought to be, are in my eye the great oaks that shade a country, and perpetuate your benefits from generation to generation”.  Wrap your Estate Planning War Chest in the eternal order of Burke’s conceptual Chain.


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