The Sky’s the Limit


Know what’s awesome? Today!  The cool thing about having an estate planning war chest, actually the whole point of having a war chest, is that it provides a foundation for the why and how of human achievement.  Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book The Sky’s the Limit (1980) builds on Maslow’s theory of “self-actualization” probing the highest levels of being or evolution available to humanity.


Once your war chest is constructed and stocked with assets and awareness, there’s no limit as to what you can accomplish. Dyer’s book opines that too many people believe the real purpose of life is to try to outdo everyone else and they chase endlessly after goals that always elude them.  If we are constantly engaged in the pursuit of “points” – money, position, a retirement nest-egg – that so many people use to evaluate success, then we have no time left to enjoy living or to experience being totally engaged in the act of living right now.


We all have those magical moments well remembered – those “peak” life events like graduation, marriage, childbirth, vacation adventures, athletic achievement or creative expression. Artists can paint for hours with a single-minded fascination of being totally lost in their work. It’s that time spent being totally involved in an enjoyable task that’s neither too stressful nor too monotonous that we are at our absolute best as human beings.  And the best part is that we are each in control of how many of those magical moments of engagement we experience.  Persistent exercise of physical and mental discipline and a focus on right now is all we need.


People who cultivate well-established creative or athletic outlets can spend hours and hours focused on a single poem, piece of music or physical feat. It’s important for all of us, whatever our vocations, strengths or limitations, to occupy ourselves with living now.  We need to find meaning and engagement in avocations (hobbies or volunteer work) or by building up latent talents.  Regardless of how it’s done, it provides purpose, joy and satisfaction in how we spend time.


Focusing on the future instead of enjoying the present is all too common and it’s important to a certain extent. Marching blindly into the future and forgetting about earning a living or financial planning is misguided.  Financial and legal security is foundational.  But if we constantly fear the future or regret the past we are in danger of living in absentia.  Wealth building and preservation is not an end in and of itself.  It’s a passage way to living a happy and fulfilling life.  The sky’s the limit.


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