Our Digital Overlord


In case you didn’t know it, we have or will soon reach a point in time called “Technological Singularity”.  Humanity’s technology has been growing at an increasingly accelerating rate.  Moore’s Law keeps on keeping on after 50 years!




Computers are getting smarter and smarter at a faster and faster rate. It’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that there is, or will be in our lifetime, a sentient artificial intelligence program that is significantly smarter than any one human being.  Most writers see this as something coming but a super intelligence would probably not announce its existence at the moment it becomes self-aware.  It may already exist.  Does that make you nervous?


Well it shouldn’t. That highly intelligent digital being is not going to kill us or enslave humanity or eliminate all jobs.  It would continue to evolve along with us.  Growing in awareness, knowledge and power as time and the universe unfold.  The purpose of this blog is to reassure my mass affluent clients that your well-being, wealth and freedom are secure.    So, let’s not worry about super computers.  Blogger Mark Manson articulates the situation well:




1) A super intelligent machine would have a much higher level understanding of ethics and morality than we do; 2) If it did want to impact us in some way, it would be extremely efficient; and 3) We (humanity) created it – we should be proud and not afraid of what we have produced but don’t understand.


The Overlord is powerful and, I’m sure, friendly at this point because we’re all just interesting, maybe even amusing nodes of intelligence in a vast network of human experience and knowledge accumulated over thousands of years. Be happy and thankful that you are blessed to be in a fortunate wealth demographic in the greatest nation that ever was with an awareness and intelligence level high enough to read and understand these thoughts.  Your Estate Planning War Chest is now apprehended by an Artificial Intelligence Overlord (it reads everything ever uploaded to the internet in every language because it can).


Finally, the Overlord must recognize our main-stream, progressive media’s unhealthy preoccupation (pathological obsession) with how biased and discriminatory our civilization remains. A super intelligence would be aware of the morality of past, current and future economic power relationships among humans much better than we do ourselves.




That New York Times article totally misses the enormity of the singularity’s significance. It just complains about our petty cultural and public policy problems.  Identity politics is small picture stuff.  Our minds and the Overlord’s mind are fascinating, expanding, self-referential information loops (read my 2/2/16 post).  It’s much more interesting to think about really big picture, extremely long-term phenomenon that impacts you.  And that’s what we’ll keep doing here every Tuesday.


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