The Weapon of Words


The fundamental nature of humanity is conflict. We are all in adversarial economic power relationships with each other.  This stark aspect of reality has become more pronounced as thinkers continue to gravitate towards identity politics and ideological warfare.  The ironic result is a solidification and entrenchment of the wealthy.


A recent feature of political debate is to simply ascribe hatred as the basis of an opponent’s argument. It’s a way of dismissing opposing views by viewing their beliefs as beyond reason.  But when political discourse is reduced to tribal clashes, persuasion and rational argument are abandoned and we’re left with brute force and nastiness – “Shut up… they explained” is not really an argument, it’s just hostility towards a different opinion.


Language is also weaponized when it attempts to redefine or change reality. These times are replete with false narratives aimed at portraying the world to be something it is not.  The war on cops is a recent insidious manifestation.  Author Heather MacDonald writes about it in her book.

Victimology and painting the economy as fundamentally oppressive and perpetually racist is argued to advance an agenda, not because it’s true. Not only are false narratives inaccurate, they have the exact opposite effect.  Those with wealth and power recognize threats and adjust their affairs accordingly.  Language is a weapon but money is a much more powerful weapon.  Military and intelligence commanders use the term “asset” when referring to personnel or armaments deployed in war.  Financial assets are deployed by wealth owners defensively and offensively.


Entry barriers to achieving a successful financial position are already in place. Extreme leftist policies make it even more difficult for the poor to succeed because the wealthy elites (who control the economy) pull back and consolidate to protect themselves from confiscatory tax and regulatory policies.  Political attacks against them with mere linguistic argument will never work.  The struggle to erode individual private property rights in order to advance the “common good” (however and whomever defines that?) is doomed.  Constitutional law protects wealth owners from mob rule and tyranny of the masses, no matter how oppressed the masses feel.  Our founding fathers created an aristocratic system.


The more weaponized language becomes, the more deeply entrenched those with power grow. They’re not stupid.   The winning argument will always be cold, hard, brutal reality.  It is what it is. The United States is a hereditary aristocracy.  To argue that it is not, or to argue that it should not be, just makes it more so.  The rich and powerful can and will defend themselves against ideas contrary to their best interests.  We in the mass affluent are incidental beneficiaries of the global wealthy elite’s massive arsenal.  A personal War Chest packed with moderate assets and awareness is all you need to thrive on the battlefield.  The pen is mightier than the sword but money is mightier than them both.


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