Estate and financial planning are empowering. Taking measures to increase personal security and self-determination are important steps to living a happy life.  I advise people to overcome any sense of powerlessness or lack of influence with sufficient wealth, legal documents and an awareness of reality.  My clients recognize and utilize their resources and their chances.


Physical reality, scientists discovered in the 1920s, consists only of probabilities. Reasonably informed humans should be aware of the essential ideas behind quantum physics. Quantum mechanics is the most revolutionary discovery of mankind.  It turns out that matter and time are not certain (like most people believe).  Reality is a probability wave of tendencies for things to exist.


That discovery disturbed the common sense of many, including Albert Einstein (who said “God does not play dice”) and physicist Erwin Schrödinger, who in 1935 devised a thought experiment to illustrate the point. A living cat is placed in a closed box with a radioactive source that has a 50% quantum probability of releasing lethal poison.  The equations and ideas enabling cell phones, computers, GPS, (almost all technologies) result in the conclusion (the Copenhagen Interpretation) that the cat is both alive and dead simultaneously – unless and until the box is opened.  Opening the box and observing whether the cat is alive or dead “collapses the probability wave function”.   The cat is in a state of quantum superposition until it is observed.  It’s the way the world really works – and if that doesn’t blow your mind, it should.




The indeterminate nature of the universe means that we define and actually create our own reality by interacting with each other and the physical world. Life is what you make it.  Near infinite possibilities over an immense time horizon leave plenty of room for you to collapse your own probability wave function.  It just takes effort, awareness, planning and the execution of decisions necessary to take control and forge the reality you want.  It’s empowering!  Your estate planning War Chest, like everything else in the universe, is a quantum phenomenon.


Human action creates reality and pushes back against the “irresistible dictation” of life, as we saw last January in my post about Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essay Fate (1860).   Next week, we’ll plunge into the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzshe (1844-1900), who used the phrase Amor fati (love your fate).  Nietzshe had a profound impact on intellectual history with his frighteningly compelling ideas about fate and human will power.


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