This is Gonna Hurt – Part 3


The Greek goddess of justice is portrayed as blindfolded (law is applied evenly without prejudice), holding scales in one hand (legal rights are balanced) and with a sword (justice is enforced with violence). She should also have a hundred dollar bill tucked under her arm.  Wealth is power and control, which are essential to living a useful, just and fulfilling life.  Oh the brutality of reality.


Nietzsche’s will to power stems from Arthur Schopenhauer’s the world as will.  Both thinkers loved music and the arts (see my 8/12/15 post).  Nietzsche said “life without music would be a mistake”.  Music is a higher order of reality but we still have to deal with money back here on earth, which is not exactly pleasant.  Let’s end our ‘This is Gonna Hurt’ series with Schopenhauer’s thoughts (loosely quoting him and Will Durant’s The Story of Philosophy (1926)):


People are often reproached for wishing for money above all things, and for loving it more than anything else; but it is natural and even inevitable for people to love that which, like an unwearied Proteus, is always ready to turn itself into whatever object their wandering wishes or their manifold desires may fix upon. Everything else can satisfy only one wish;  money alone is absolutely good, because it is the abstract satisfaction of every wish.   Men are a thousand times more intent on becoming rich than on acquiring culture, though it is quite certain that what a man is contributes more to his happiness than what he has


A man who does not know what to do with his leisure searches greedily from place to place for new sensations; and at last he is conquered by that nemesis of the idle rich or the reckless voluptuary. Not wealth but wisdom is the way.  Man is at once impetuous striving of will and the serene subject of pure knowledge.  The power of the intellect over the will permits deliberate development; desire can be moderated or quieted by knowledge.  For what bridle and bit are to an unmanageable horse, the intellect is for the will in man.  The more we know of our passions, the less they control us.  The greatest of all wonders is not the conqueror of the world, but the subduer of himself.


Estate and financial planning are the exercise of self-discipline, self-reliance and self-mastery in order first to achieve a minimal level of wealth and material security; but then more importantly and more serenely, to realize that you have enough once that inflection point of wealth utility has been reached (see my 2/9/16 post). It then becomes a springboard to ever greater heights of human development, understanding and fulfillment.  Your Estate Planning War Chest is a foundational gateway to the magnificence of the universe and vast volumes of human culture and knowledge.  It’s a launching pad into profound consciousness and enjoyment. Amor fati.


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