Information War

Information society concept, abstract backgrounds for your desig


We humans have always been and will always be at war with each other. Information warfare is a battlefield filled with combatants in pursuit of a competitive advantage over others. Our institutions (government, the media, universities, etc.) have become weaponized in this information age.  From Islamic terrorism, police violence, to income inequality, our institutions now engage in false narrative building in pursuit of “agendas”.  Political leaders and journalists (everyone’s a journalist in the information age) try to construct a selected reality from facts and events as they unfold.


War is dangerous and unpleasant. Fortunately for our demographic, those artificial narrative building, disinformation, propagandistic weapons utilized by the thought warriors are crude, blunt munitions that can easily be seen and avoided.  Government is bloated and inefficient.  The media is obviously biased and focused on its agenda to acquire the public’s attention (not reporting reality).  The barrage of public policy narratives grow as increasingly ridiculous as the measures taken to advance them:

  1. Islam has nothing to do with terrorism.
  2. Black people are being randomly hunted down and shot by police.
  3. Weak wage growth for low skilled workers can be solved by legislating a “living wage”.
  4. Health care and education should be free for everyone.
  5. Wealthy people are hording all the money; government must confiscate their wealth and pass it down to the poor.


An Estate Planning War Chest situates one in a strategically superior battle position. It is stocked with ample assets, including a clear awareness of reality.  This is powerful armor that will defend against false narrative attacks from an increasingly weak and misguided government and media, which are being manipulated by two big enemies – the powerful elite wealthy versus liberal intellectuals and politicians who think they can help those who are powerless.


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