Perceiving the War


An important defensive weapon in our Estate Planning War Chest is simply an awareness of the socio-economic war that humanity wages against each other. Mainstream writers just don’t see it, or simply ignore the truth.  The majority of thinkers aware of the true nature of human economic struggle and discontent are dead, but there are a handful of living authors who get it.  We just explored Yuval Levin’s superb analysis in his book The Great Debate (2013) on the origin of the political right and left for the last 9 weeks.  And this Blog started 3 years ago with the conceptualization by Northwestern Univ. Professor Jeffrey A. Winters’ book Oligarchy (2011) of economics as an inherently conflictual phenomenon.


More recently, Notre Dame Professor Patrick J. Deneen’s new book Why Liberalism Failed (2018) is a brilliant articulation of our brutal political economy and why mainstreamers are ignorant about it or willfully disregard the bloody economic and moral battles being fought.  We took an 11 week cognitive voyage through Deneen’s ideas last year while examining his Conserving America? Essays on Present Discontents (2016).  Deneen’s new book builds on those same thoughts.


Government, the media and academia* are clueless about this reality and will not protect your family.  Those arrogant institutions want you to think they care and that they can help, but they do not and cannot – most of the “elites” in them are self-aggrandizing, power grubbing enemy know-it-alls.   The only ones who give a damn about your family are you, your family and, perhaps, honest financial and legal advisors – like me.  Let’s embark again into the mind of Patrick J. Deneen in the coming weeks.  His work is fascinatingly provocative.

* Deneen is certainly not mainstream – in fact, many university administrators and professors are likely aghast at his book’s pointing out their failures and misconceptions.


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