Statist Thought Disease Spreads to Sex


Have you heard about this Incels” thing?  Unbelievable.  Apparently, there is an internet subculture of men who are involuntarily celibate (“Incels” for short), and they are not just complaining but also making elaborate plans for what Government should do about it.  Most people were unaware of this nonsense until one of these losers murdered 10 people in Toronto last month.


It’s relevant here as yet another manifestation of pathological statist thought. People fail to achieve their goals in life and so they try and use State power to force the result they want.   It’s a philosophy of envy, like Socialism.  Instead of forced property confiscation and redistribution, these bozos want to force women into sexual relationships so that no man has to go without his proper quota of sexual intercourse.  It sounds ridiculous until you think about the parallels that this twisted reasoning has with Socialism.


Incels are angry that other men are in sexual relationships with woman and they are not. Like Marxism – some people have too much, some people have too little, and so I will decide how to redistribute.  It’s pure statist evil – from each according to her ability, to each according to his needs.  It highlights the ridiculousness of the utilitarianism argument for wealth redistribution, which unlike the Incels, is still seriously advanced.  Coerced utilitarianism is a never ending quest for utopia that is always doomed to fail.  Money is more valuable to a poor person than it is to a wealthy person, so society will be made better by forcibly confiscating wealth and giving it to the people who “need it more”, the argument goes.  The greatest good for the greatest number…..or else!  But Hayek and many others have already thoroughly dispensed with that bad idea.


Our War Chest can count this as yet another cognitive torpedo in an array of armaments that sinks the already sunk idea of radical collectivism.


Here’s the article by attorney Kyle Sammin upon which the above is based:


Oh and here’s an entertaining article using the new Marvel Comics Infinity War movie to illustrate the moral folly of relying on the utilitarianism to make public policy.


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