Business orientation and indicationsThis blog requires an occasional orientation for the reader. Let’s take a breather big step back and look at what we’re doing – where we’ve been – where we’re at and where we’re going.  This is not a weekly rambling rant – although it may seem like it some weeks given the esoteric breadth of my subject matter.  The posts have a consistent purpose and thematic structure.  My objective is to assure the moderately wealthy that their assets and lifestyle are secure, despite our viciously turbulent legal, political and economic environment.


My blog was born after being unexpectedly befuddled by the one year repeal of the federal estate tax in May 2010. I spend my professional days advising clients on estate planning and was completely and embarrassingly caught off guard by this legislation.  After extensive research, I found the answer – the rather unpleasant reality of our political economy described in Jeffery A. Winters’s book Oligarchy (2011).  I now follow the ongoing war in real time here.


Week after week I re-articulate the ideas of on point authors, with occasional breaks and tangents (like this one), most recently we explored:

Patrick J. Deneen – Why Liberalism Failed (10 weeks)

Yuval Levin – The Great Debate (11 weeks)

Steven Pinker – Enlightenment Now (4 weeks)

George Gilder – Life After Google (10 weeks)

Lukianoff and Haidt – The Coddling of the American Mind (5 weeks)

Francis Fukuyama – Identity (5 weeks)


We’re next going to venture into Charles Murray’s mind in Coming Apart (2012).  Then we’ll learn why so many know-it-alls deny reality and want to fight about the truth of targeted ideas in Tom Nichols The Death of Expertise (2017).  My goal is to amass so much incontrovertible argument that if some future force, powerful enough to do it, considers confiscating and redistributing my client’s wealth, we will have a ready defense.  “Why shouldn’t I impose a new, fairer economic order by breaking up family fortunes to share them with everyone?”  Why not?  Because of the rational and moral arguments gathered in the Estate Planning War Chest.


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