Wealth Redistribution Is Still Wrong


Time Out.  I frequently Google “wealth redistribution”, click on the “news” filter and review any plausible argument for public policy that would confiscate my clients’ wealth for redistribution to others.   I’ve been doing it for years and consistently find socialists ideas soundly and indisputably refuted.  This article succinctly articulates the point:


Author Richard Scarry addressing a NY Times article:

“If we are serious about battling racial injustice in the public square and not just on the police squad, we need nothing short of a new civil rights act, the Civil Rights Act of 2020.”

Scarry writes in response:

If that doesn’t sound corny enough, Blow’s proposal behind it is even worse. “To truly tackle these issues,” he said, meaning economic inequality, “would deal in some way with wealth redistribution, and the mere mention of that concept throws the comfortable and the rich into a tizzy.”

A tizzy? You don’t say. I can’t imagine why anyone might grow a little nervous when they’re threatened with having their money taken from them and given to strangers as a way to right some wrong that they didn’t commit.

No, people aren’t comfortable with that idea, because it’s bad.


Back to our regularly scheduled programming on Tuesday.


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