Embracing Hard Work


Joel Kotkin’s final Section VII of The Coming of Neo Feudalism (2020) presents “A Manifesto for the Third Estate”.  He’s talking to us!  We, the “Yeomanry”; hard-working, responsible, moderately wealthy, engaged citizens who embrace “bourgeois” values.  Chapter 19 (The Technological Challenge) warns us of a new technocracy by which elites claim a right to control our lives on the basis of their supposedly superior knowledge and morality.  Chapter 20 (The Shaping of Neo-feudal Society) cautions that neo-feudalism is a threat to traditional families.  Chapter 21 (Can We Challenge Neo-feudalism?) concludes by observing how the immorality, arrogance and hypocrisy of today’s clerisy undermine their goal of oligarchic socialism.    We win, but only if we work at it.


It’s all about our power to resist cognitive/moral entropy and repel the Left’s attempts to forcibly impose their beliefs onto us.  We must fend off feudalistic forces and resist the clerisy’s efforts to constrain intellectual debate.  The widespread censorship and de-platforming or cancelling of unapproved views is a new form of technologically enhanced thought control.


We shall continue to value hard work and the fundamental ideals of Western civilization.  A Neo-feudal order “would replace a focus on upward mobility and family with a desire for a comfortable, subsidized life, indulging in the digital mind-sinks that keep the masses in their metaphorical basements”.  We happily undertake the moral effort and hard work of rejecting feudalism.


Next week, a new project! A book just published contains even more moral and intellectual weapons we shall load into an ideational armory that I call The Estate Planning War Chest.


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