Phony Knowledge – Fake Morality


Our next War Chest project is the impeccably well-researched new book Cynical Theories – How Activist Scholarship Made Everything about Race, Gender, and Identity – and Why This Harms Everybody (2020) by Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay.  They have succinctly exposed the terrible errors and immorality of post-modern philosophy.  I’ve been trying to do that here for years.  I wrote on 1/29/19 why Leftist Philosophy is Bad.  On 12/14/18 my post was Deflecting Leftist Losers and on 8/15/18 I wrote of The Unstable Paradox of Progressive Thought.  This new book ought to finally put the issue to rest – it won’t

Why not?  Well, because my and the authors’ points are “deeply subversive of opinions and beliefs to which many highly intelligent and well-informed people are wedded, and without which the world would perhaps be unendurable for them”, wrote Edward Banfield.  “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.”, wrote Upton Sinclair.  It’s incredibly difficult to communicate with or understand the cancel culture left.  We shall nonetheless embark on a profound exploration of power, language and knowledge.

Steven Pinker explained in Enlightenment Now (2018) that opposing reason is, by definition, unreasonable – but the post-modernist credo remains that reason is just a pretext to exert power, reality is socially constructed.  Pinker notes on the back of Cynical Theories – people are bewildered by the “surge of wokery, social justice warfare, intersectionality, and identity politics that has spilled out of academia and inundated other spheres of life.  Where did it come from?  What ideas are behind it?  This book exposes the surprisingly shallow intellectual roots of the movements that appear to be engulfing our culture”.  Kevin D. Williams writes that social justice is a vague and infinitely plastic concept, which is the point.  A nebulous moral mandate in the hands of people with armies and police at their disposal is one of the most dangerous things in the world.

Buckle your cognitive flak jacket and let’s watch these authors obliterate the postmodern nonsense that has infected our world like a nasty virus.  It will be fun to watch the academic left (about the only kind there is), who are pathologically obsessed with power, get destroyed by our War Chest weapons of reality, morality and reason.

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