Scott’s Back!


My favorite Blog was Scott Alexander’s Slate Star Codex.  It was deleted because of morons at The New York Times abusing their power.  But now he’s back using his real name Dr. Scott Siskind:

I’m glad my blog is only read by a handful of people.  There is a terrible online mob out to cancel and destroy anyone who is deemed to be defying leftist orthodoxy. A 1/25/21 Quillette article by Bo Winegard is a thoughtful conservative essay.  It was immediately met with the comment “Oh go away…”.  I Google news’d Winegard and it led me to a 12/30/20 article “Top 10 Academic targets of cancel culture” (Winegard is one).  Quillette’s new book, Panics and Persecutions (2020) – has 20 Stories of Cancel Culture.  And they do not overlap – 30 examples of people getting cancelled! – astounding times in which we live.  There’s also a nasty 12/5/19 article from The Nation entitled “Why Racists (and Liberals!) Keep Writing for ‘Quillette’”.  Apparently, Winegard and all other scholars who study and write about Evolutionary Psychology (including Charles A. Murray) are summarily dubbed racist and cancelled by the biased mainstream media/academia Left. 

I’m not a very original thinker – but I love reading those who are:

Talk to ya Tuesday.

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