The Scott Alexander Affair

If I could send just one message to the future to anyone wondering what the hell happened to the intellectual landscape in 2020-21 (this blog is just that), I would point to the attack on blogger Scott Alexander.  I visualize him as the lone pawn in last week’s image standing on the game board of cognition among the toppled chess pieces of mainstream media.  Scott is most triumphant.

I won’t re-tell his story but encourage you to read his response to The New York Times obnoxious hit piece on him and his blog:

Free thought outlet Quillette posted two articles about it:

Anyone paying attention with a modicum of intelligence can see what’s going on:

Mainstream media has lost all credibility – plain and simple.  They no longer seek truth – only a false Narrative and a vicious habit of cancelling anything or anyone that dissents.  Legacy media writers are dishonest and devious in their defense of an agenda that everything, everywhere at all times is oppression.  We just devoted 2 months (12/8/20 – 2/23/21) studying scientist Charles Murray’s new book.  The New York Times accuses Scott of being a racist because he is “aligned with Charles Murray”.  What a load of horseshit – I’m staggeringly befuddled at how mainstream media is able to get away with this.

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