Cancel Culture

The most astounding thing about cancel culture is not that it’s happening (humans will always be in conflict with each other).  No, the most astonishing thing is that the Left denies that it’s happening at all.  They brush off the phenomenon as just a bunch of entitled conservatives being “challenged” and “held accountable” for their problematic views – problematic, incidentally, not because they’re false views, problematic because the Left deems them so, because they counter their Narrative.    

Charles Blow of the New York Times tweeted last year “THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS CANCEL CULTURE”.   He also cluelessly thinks wealth redistribution is a good idea (see my 6/13/20 post).  The Left perversely tries to argue that it’s really the hypocritical Right doing the cancelling.  This article frames cancel culture as simply Republicans weaponizing language:

Their obsession with power, language and knowledge to make everything about oppression is on full display in that piece.  The book Cynical Theories (2020), which we worked through here 9/9/20 – 11/24/20, explains how and why this way of thinking continues to fester.   

The online magazine Quillette offers insightful, timely views on free speech and free thought.  It’s a refreshing counter to the mainstream media’s dark, false Narrative and obvious cancel culture problem.  Here are a couple of articles with myriad delineations of this very real phenomenon, even as the Left continues to falsely deny it exists.

That last one points to the book Panics and Persecutions (2020), which we turn to next week.  I’ll spend the next several weeks on cancel culture, not because I think it’s a dangerous growing threat that must be vigorously opposed; rather, I see it as a nasty, hateful human phenomenon which is now getting exposed and blown apart by independent thinkers.  It’s becoming absurd – come on – Chris Harrison of TV’s The Bachelor, Mr. Potato Head, The Muppets, Dr. Seuss – it’s so ridiculous.  We’ll hear from some of the thought warriors on the front lines with this retreating, preposterous ideational enemy so that you and I won’t have to worry about the transient, immoral phenomenon of cancel culture.  Fortunately, we’ve reached a tipping point:

Mainstream media intellectual gatekeepers are angry (and pathetically deny it) because they are losing power – with each passing day:

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