Can’t Cancel Science

This image is a 1633 message from Galileo Galili to today’s cancelers of science.

The 20 cancellation stories in Panics and Persecutions (2020) are quite memorable.  Anyone reading them won’t forget the awful ordeals these people endured after being targeted by the leftist mob.  The tales that struck me as particularly outrageous were when the mob attacked science and math.   It’s one thing to cancel entertainers, humanity academics, fiction authors and people who knit (I’m not kidding – one of the stories is “Knitting Infinity War on Instagram”); …but scientists and mathematicians?!  The essay “Dangerous Life of an Anthropologist” is a fascinating glimpse into the ‘unforgiving battlefield of the science wars’.  A recurring theme throughout cancel culture, as it relates to science, is the Nature vs. Nurture debate.  It’s actually not a reasoned debate – it’s a take-no-prisoners, scorched earth, hill on which leftists die – reason, logic and science be dammed.

Anyone who is rational can see leftists getting slaughtered on their hill to die on by science and reason.  The vitriolic hostility of the Nature vs. Nurture debate is really the dying screams of an ideological group scrambling to silence what everyone else takes as an incontrovertible fact:  humans, just like every other species on earth, have a nature.  A schism on the intellectual battlefield violently divides those dedicated to the science of mankind – anthropologists; from those opposed to science who still pretend that they are anthropologists (postmodernists vaguely defined or activists disguised as scientist who seek to place advocacy above objective truth).

The cancelers disguise their increasingly anti-scientific activism as research by using obscurantist postmodern gibberish – illogical deception.  Galileo famously said “By denying scientific principles, one may maintain any paradox”.  He recognized the inevitable cognitive dissonance of science deniers.  Science wins.  Cancel culture loses.

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