I’ll pause my perusal of Sandal’s book for a parenthetical on meritocracy and wokeness as it relates to the word “privilege”, and its social justice obverse, “diversity”.

Studying moral arguments sharpens an individual’s moral position, which is why I’m spending so much time on Harvard’s Sandal (and soon to be on his Yale fellow anti-meritocrat Daniel Markovits).  There is a moral obligation to be intelligent and it takes effort.  Here is an article on meritocracy and wokeness that gets right down to the nittty gritty of why individual morality is so essential, yet sadly eschewed by our arrogant elites in power and Ivy League college students:

I highly enjoy voluminous voluntary reading and writing about complex moral and economic issues.  Unlike the author’s students in that article, I carefully read tons of books and articles for pure enjoyment and also to build a better moral sense – a sense that must be painstakingly built over a long period of time to produce a cohesive, mature, sophisticated personal ethic that is resistant to leftist social justice propaganda. 

Many writers have now caught on to the moral emptiness of being “woke”.  Legacy media continues to advance its deceptive agenda as other new and transformed online magazines like Quillette, Tablet, and many others, pursue moral truth.  David Brooks recently wrote that there is a swelling wave of new publications pointing out the excesses of the social justice movement and distinguishing between those who think speech is a mutual exploration to seek truth and those who think speech is a structure of domination to perpetuate a system of privilege:

Here’s an article on the loaded word “privilege” from 2018:

Ha, if you can say the words privilege and diversity with an earnest face, you may not be a seeker of moral truth but rather a woke leftist ideologue who wants to control the lives of others. 

Finally, Freddie DeBoer had some interesting observations on social justice:   

Back to our truth quest Tuesday.

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